The Dragon Team

The Dragon team combine years' of experience in finance, technology, blockchain and senior business leadership.

Management Team

Paul Moynan


Paul Moynan


Mr. Moynan is a global entrepreneur and operations expert, with two decades of success in high-level projects including government’s, High Net Worth families and her Majesty’s Royal Marines Commandos. Mr Moynan’s keen acumen for business and project execution has led him to develop a significant portfolio of industry-leading companies. The companies range from blockchain technology development , cutting-edge healthcare innovation, to security and gaming. Paul has served as an advisor to many Offices of The President of African States as well as personal advisor to a number of families across the Middle East. Paul brings a wealth of top level expertise to Dragon Corp and it's development into a world-leading blockchain ecosystem.

Chris Ahmad

Co-Founder & CEO

Chakrit (Chris) Ahmad

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO at the Dragon Corp Mr Ahmad is a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur with broad leadership expertise across technology, software, listings and M&A.

With over 10 years of executive experience, Mr Ahmad has proven success building and managing large opportunities through to project design, implementation and completion. His negotiation skills extend to not only to other global C-level and private sector decision-makers, but he has an extensive background working with top government and ministerial ocials to achieve project goals.

With Mr Ahmad’s track record in crafting technology solutions to bring success and development to new industries, it is no surprise that he leads the Dragon Corp in revolutionising the gaming and hotel industry with blockchain, cashless payments and social benets for both the gamer as well as the industry leaders and the societies they work in.

Dr. Alen Siy

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Alen Siy

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Alen Siy is a medical doctor, world class businessman and finance expert. Dr. Siy has built some of the most successful global defense industry franchises in Asia.

He has built a solid reputation as a financial genius acting as both CFO and CEO of several defense related businesses including Bushmaster Firearms, Heckler and Koch, Nampo-Talley and Accuracy International.

His expertise ranges from general management, GAAP to anti-terrorist and surveillance/security systems.

Advisory Board

Nick Spanos Dragon

Nick Spanos

Banking on Bitcoin

Nick Spanos founded the NYC Bitcoin Center, a 6000 square foot space right next to the NYC Stock Exchange. He is the Chief Executive Offcer for Blockchain Technologies Corporation and has demonstrated a strong history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Grassroots Organizing, Sales, E-commerce, Bitcoin, and Entrepreneurship. Nick is a global blockchain pioneer who sits on the board of the Synapse foundation. In 2013, he was amongst the first to kickstart the American Blockchain Community, with his technological flair and entrepreneurial spirit, he has pioneered numerous blockchain applications, such as voting technology, blockchain security and next generation wallet technology. Nick has recently received much attention for his part in the 2017 "Banking on Bitcoin" documentary on Netflix.

Dean Cannell Dragon

Dean Cannell


Dean is the Founder and CEO of, a firm which helps blockchain enabled companies to raise funds through Token Sales.

Before starting CoinFabric, Dean spent 13 years helping traditional technology startup companies to go from idea to funding or acquisition. Dean's experience includes business strategy, internal governance, technology and product positioning to enable growth.

Las Ho Choi Dragon

Las Ho Choi

Experienced Junket Operator

Las Ho Choi is an experienced junket operator and advisor. His first casino exposure began in his home country of South Korea. Successful management of casinos allowed him to also hold equities in casinos. He later expanded his portfolio of investment and management to Macau which is the largest gaming city in the world. Mr. Las is currently a high net worth investor and advisor in many casinos and junkets primarily in Macau and in other gaming cities globally.

Wannipha (Jen) Buakaew

Leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets. CEO of CLOUT Network while advising a number of blockchain projects, Jen is also on The New Money Systems Board - Lifeboat foundation alongside Vitalik Buterin and Charlie Lee. Known as Crypto Jen, one of the most highly regarded female crypto/blockchain influencers in the world.

Oliver Isaacs

Isaacs is very well-known in the crypto and blockchain community. His name and reputation within these worlds is very strong as an early Investor in Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Isaacs has been profiled in Forbes, INC and International Business Times. Isaacs is one of the UK’s leading serial entrepreneurs and blockchain influencers, garnering a total social media following of 1 million followers across his channels. A London School of Economics graduate and founder of, Isaacs has become a respected figure in the tech world as well as a leading advisor to social media influencers, Fortune 500 CEOs and tech investors alike.

Christopher Cannucciari

Banking on Bitcoin

Chris has a long career in documentary filmmaking, beginning his time at Vice News in 2007, working on the Creators Project. Today he heads up Viceland’s #1 rated show, Desus and Mero. Most recently he’s premiered his feature documentary on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, “Banking on Bitcoin.” “Banking on Bitcoin” was an extensively researched, three year process which premiered at the number one position on iTunes in early 2017. It is currently a featured documentary on Netflix. He directed all aspects of the production, from the concept to the production and post production. Alongside short form and feature length documentary filmmaking, Chris has directed global commercial and content campaigns for brands such as Kia, GQ, Nike, Reebok and Oakley.

Dean Anastos

Dean Anastos is an expert in blockchain, token sales and smart contract development. His background in finance and programming serves as the perfect recipe for founding fintech companies. Dean has founded a number of companies , including Mortgage Float, which is an online exchange for non performing bank assets and which specializes in developing complex smart contracts and launching ICOs. Dean is also a writer, and his soon to be published novel, Maria Canje, will be turned into a movie in the year 2018 which will be partially funded by Dionysus.Studio, the first crypto movie funding platform launching an ICO for the Studio token. Dean is also an equity partner and on the advisory board for the ICO for Vectorzilla. Dean recently lost his mother to brain cancer and started a facebook page at He posts his cancer films and poetry there to share with families who were also affected by cancer.

Abdul Qaiyoom

Blockchain Investor & Tech Expert

Abdul Qaiyoom is a blockchain investor and decentralized technology expert, with 20 years of experience in business planning, management (IT) and creative direction. CEO of Allies Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd. (World’s largest micro-stock graphics content creation & distribution company) which has helped explosive startups including (formerly indiereign),,, mico Co-Founder of (Blockchain based AI Driven Micro Stock Graphics Platform) and Social advocate for "Parivartan", a Social Welfare Charity.

Samuel McCulloch

Founder of and consultant for blockchain startups. A former futures and options trader who worked for several funds before moving into the crypto space and starting an ICO investment fund for private investors. Provided consulting services for several ICO’s already to include & BrickBlock. Graduated from the University of St. Andrews in 2013 and has since lived in Russia. Focuses on business model, token structure and messaging.

Max Garza

Blockchain Research & Development

Max Garza is a blockchain investor, trainer and ICO advisor. He is Co-founder and managing partner for Bitfundza, one of the largest Bitcoin Crowd funding platforms globally. Co-founder and Chief Operations Offcer at AAI Global Solutions, providing Financial services for international clients. Equity partner for Vectorzilla, Lead ICO and Blockchain R&D Advisor for Dragon Coin, focusing on Cross Chain Atomic Swaps. Equity Partner at Dionysus. Studio, Hollywood Blockchain Advisor and Producer for MAD Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California and Co-owner of Blockchain Research and Development LLP India.

Brittany Kaiser

Ms. Kaiser is a leader in development and promotion of cutting edge technology, having spent her career supporting companies, governments, and international organisations in adoption and integration. Her expertise began in data-driven political campaigns and projects for Federal Government departments. Ms Kaiser has also represented countries in trade and investment promotion initiatives, encouraging private sector collaboration on development of emerging markets. Currently Ms Kaiser is a Director of Business Development at Cambridge Analytica (CA), where she leads in identifying and driving growth of new projects, such as helping blockchain companies in using predictive modelling to target investors for token sales. As an early promoter of blockchain technology, she holds multiple advisory roles for high-level blockchain projects in Asia and Latin America.

Anna Hazlett

Anna has 10+ years experience as Strategic Business Development Advisor to leading Business Owners, Family Businesses, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services industry, Hotel Real Estate, Private Island Development, Fintech and as a serial Entrepreneur herself, Anna is an Ideas Specialist with a future focused approach. Proven Leadership capability and strong business development initiative working in Global Growth Markets as well as Developed Economies. Anna is driving new initiatives forward in areas of financial inclusion, the application of emerging technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, IoT) and digital business transformation. Anna graduated with First Class Joint Honors BA Business Management & South East Asian Studies from The University of Leeds, UK and the International Baccalaureate Diploma from United World College, South East Asia.

Early Boykins

Early is an ICO investor, advisor, with a focus on business development. He has 6 years of crypto-currency experience; participating in the first ICO - Omni (formerly Mastercoin) in 2013. He is a Principal at Andra Capital - a "tokenized" technology growth fund focused on late-stage investments, specifically in the Silicon Valley private technology sector. His role is guiding the ICO process for the tokenization of the fund and oversight of future investment in the blockchain space. Early is an Advisor to exchanges and mining farms as well as several blockchain projects in the space.

Jordan Marshall

Growing up, my whole family was obsessed with any sort of gambling or sports betting. My grandfather used to be a bookie and worked with notorious high rollers like the Rat Pack, famous athletes, Hollywood producers, and Congressmen. My grandfather’s brother even owned part of the Sands Hotel. My mom helped them with that business by flying in briefcases of cash to Las Vegas to place bets for my grandfathers clients.

Throughout my life, my family took regular trips to Vegas with us going 4-5 times a year because my grandfather’s reputation would give us the VIP experience. During these trips, my family would teach me the rules to all the games on the floor so that when I finally turned 21 I would be able to carry on the family name and dominate the floor. I even learned addition by playing Blackjack.

My family upbringing is what makes me so excited to be apart of the Dragon community. I truly believe that Dragon is like investing in Vegas before they built the Hoover Dam and that Dragon will change the entire gambling industry for the better. Although my family is no longer in the business, I feel like this is my chance to carry on my family’s legacy.