About Dragon

At Dragon, we are paving the way to see mainstream adoption (acceptance) of our evolutionary Blockchain technology. This has been brought about by our key partnerships and well-established networks, where the co-founders have been at the very forefront of developing its model for many years.

Dragon is forging relationships and supporting companies with this paradigm shift by utilising our innovative platform. Creating a win-win for everyone involved adds value to every deal or partnership that grows with Dragon and guarantees great prosperity for the future.

Dragon Corp. has a strong corporate governance model that is both transparent and credible, this places us at the forefront of evolution within the entertainment sectors where we see ourselves as the bridge between traditional finance and the new era of the Blockchain phenomenon.

As a forward-thinking company who embraces change, we have created a truly unique platform that gives the connectivity and trust to lead the entertainment industry through a groundbreaking journey into the future, these changes will be noticeable through its many strengths and inevitably affect businesses worldwide.

Dragon is a fresh and creative platform where its limitations are measured only by our innovation and imagination, the ever-developing narrative of what Dragon presents today and our vision of what its potential is for the future have brought about an evolutionary change in mindset; to provide prosperous solutions to age-old challenges.

First a few words from Paul Moynan, founder of Dragon.

Legacy and innovation are the driving force behind our team and my vision for Dragon. We are the Blockchain platform of choice, which at our very core, deals with remittance and movement of disrupted ledgers.

Blockchain has spontaneously emerged as a stateless social technology. At Dragon, we carefully develop and share our culture in order to educate/act as a bridge for traditional businesses so that they may take those first steps into the evolution of finance.

Starting with the entertainment industry provided us with unparalleled access into a myriad of sectors around the world. Apart from PR and Marketing I’m ensuring that mass adoption is achieved for Dragon coin. Behind every concert, sporting event and good cause as early adopters, building both our partners and our critical mass.

From this, my core focus is the biggest market opportunity digital assets may have, that being remittance. More than 500B is transferred annually, dwarfing the aid and trade of most developing countries.

With Dragon payment and Blockchain solutions echoing around the world and later this quarter, seeing the Dragon gaming model go live across Asia will cement the value of Dragon Coin.

We are already in late stage talks with several senior strategic partners and this gives us a very bullish outlook for 2018.

Our qualities in understanding our partner’s needs and being highly adaptable has secured Dragon strategic partnerships, where traditional businesses have met with high levels of resistance and negotiations have failed.

I live by my words "Great things come to those who empower others" we are about leading positive change in the world.